Ufone Balance Save Code 2023

Learn how to save your Ufone balance with ease using the Ufone Balance Save Code. Discover the simple steps to safeguard your credit and manage your balance efficiently. Keep your Ufone balance secure with this convenient feature.

Ufone balance Save Code

If you’re a Ufone subscriber wanting to protect your balance, this article provides valuable information about the Ufone Balance Save Service and the process for implementing it. The Ufone balance-saving code enables users to safeguard their balance from unnecessary deductions when they subscribe to Ufone’s internet or call packages.

What is a Balance Save Code?

A balance save code is an exclusive code furnished by a telecom operator to its subscribers in case they experience deductions from their mobile balance after switching to a particular internet/call package. The purpose of a balance save code is to prevent further deductions from your balance. By dialing this code, you have the ability to safeguard your remaining balance.

Ufone balance Save Code

Balance Save Services in Pakistan

All telecom operators in Pakistan offer balance save services to their customers. These services are designed to address situations where users encounter unnecessary deductions from their balance. By simply dialing the designated code, subscribers can take advantage of this service to protect their balance from further reductions.

Why Your Ufone Balance Gets Deducted?

Subscribers often find themselves puzzled by unexpected balance deductions on their Ufone accounts. Several reasons contribute to this issue. One common scenario is when users subscribe to a specific internet package but inadvertently use other services that are not covered under that package. Another reason is forgetting to turn off internet data, leading to background notifications from various applications, which can trigger deductions. To counterbalance these situations, Ufone offers a solution in the form of the Ufone balance lock code.

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Ufone Balance Lock Code Explanation

Ufone provides a balance lock code to assist its subscribers who face balance loss concerns. By dialing this code, which is available free of charge, users can effectively prevent further deductions from their balance. This service acts as a safeguard, ensuring that subscribers retain their remaining balance intact.

Balance Save Services by Other Telecom Operators in Pakistan

It’s not just Ufone that offers balance-save services. Other telecom operators in Pakistan also provide similar options to address the balance deduction issue. If you’re not a Ufone customer, you can explore the balance lock services provided by other major operators in Pakistan:

  • Jazz Balance Save Service 2023
  • Zong Balance Save Service 2023
  • Telenor Balance Save Service 2023

These services from various operators aim to help customers preserve their mobile balance and avoid unnecessary deductions, enhancing the overall user experience

What is the Ufone Balance Save Service?

The Ufone Balance Save Service is a valuable feature that empowers Ufone users to prevent balance deductions when utilizing cellular services. By dialing the Ufone data saver code from your Ufone SIM, you can effectively retain your balance intact, ensuring that it is not deducted. This service provides a convenient way to safeguard your balance.

Ufone Balance Save Code for 2023

To protect your balance from deductions during internet usage, Ufone offers a simple solution. Just dial the Ufone balance save code, also known as the Ufone balance lock code, by entering *6611# on your phone. This code allows Ufone customers to safeguard their balance effectively.

Steps to Preserve Ufone Balance

To safeguard your Ufone balance, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Dial *6611# from your mobile phone.
  2. Press 1 to subscribe to the offer.

By completing these steps, you’ll activate the Ufone data saver code, ensuring that your balance is protected.


The Ufone Balance Save Service is provided at no cost to users.

How to Deactivate Ufone Balance Save Service:

If you wish to unsubscribe from the Ufone data saver offer, simply dial *6611# and adhere to the provided instructions.


Upon subscription, this offer remains valid.

Terms and Conditions:

The Ufone Balance Save Service is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

For additional information, please visit the official Ufone website.


This is the method for saving ufone balance as we have told you about Ufone balance save code and the ufone balance save method for 2023.

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