Ufone 2 Hours Call Package in 8 Rupees Code 2023

Activate the Ufone 2-Hour Call Package for only 8.5 rupees and receive 120 Ufone/PTCL minutes. This fantastic hourly prepaid call package ensures you stay connected without breaking the bank.

In today’s fast-paced world, making short calls that last 2 or 5 minutes is a common occurrence. Subscribing to daily or weekly packages for such brief calls can result in wasted balance, leaving you frustrated. To address this concern, Ufone has introduced the perfect solution: the 2-hour call package, also known as the “Best Call Offer,” designed to cater to your needs effectively. Say goodbye to unnecessary charges and enjoy a cost-effective way to stay connected with Ufone’s 2-Hour Call Package in 2023.

Ufone 2 Hours Call Package

To enjoy the Ufone 2-Hour Call Package, simply dial *343# – the official subscription code. With this package, you can say goodbye to the hassle of loading large amounts for daily, weekly, or monthly packages just to make quick calls.

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Activate the Best Call Offer and unlock unlimited short calls for a continuous 2-hour duration, which gives you 120 minutes of talk time. All you need is 10 rupees for loading and 6.5 rupees for bucket activation. Here’s a breakdown of the complete details, including the enticing incentives, validity, and easy subscription process:

Ufone 2-Hour Call Package (120 Minutes) Details

Offer NameUfone Best Call Offer
Call TypeUfone & PTCL
Validity2 Hours
PriceRs 8.5
SubscriptionDial *343#
Call Setup FeeRs 0.13 per call
Note: A call setup fee of Rs 0.13 will be applied to each call.

Ufone & PTCL (Quick Calls)

With the Ufone Best Call offer mentioned above, you have the convenience of making short calls effortlessly from your Ufone SIM to other Ufone numbers and even to PTCL Numbers. This call package remains active for a span of 2 hours, so the number of brief calls you can make within this time frame is entirely up to you.

Cost of the Offer and Minimum Required Balance

As stated in the “Ufone 2 Hour Call Package” article, the price of this package is Rs 8.5, which includes all applicable taxes. To successfully activate this offer, users need to have a minimum balance of Rs 10 before initiating the activation process.

A Single Package with Three Notable Names

Prepare to be surprised by the fact that the package mentioned earlier is one unified bundle, known by three popular names among users due to its appealing attributes:

  1. Best Call Offer
  2. Ufone 3 pe 3 Offer
  3. Ufone 2-Hour Call Package

It’s essential to note that these names may vary, but the package itself remains consistent. Furthermore, all the details for this bundle, including the subscription code, price, and incentives, have been thoroughly outlined above.

Terms & Conditions of the Package

This package operates on an hourly basis, with a duration of 2 hours following the subscription.

The official subscription price for this package is Rs 8.5.

A call setup charge of Rs 0.13 per call will be applied.

For further details about this package, we recommend obtaining additional information directly from Ufone.


So all above details are all about Ufone 2 hour call package so that you can easily activate that 2 hour call package of Ufone to be connected all day.

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