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In Pakistan, PUBG has secured its position as the most beloved video game, and in recognition of this, Jazz 4G has introduced the Jazz PUBG Packages to empower Pakistani players to shine on the global gaming scene. Thanks to Jazz 4G’s lightning-fast internet, all Pakistani gamers are esteemed as some of the best worldwide.

If you’re eager to witness top-tier PUBG battles, make the switch to Jazz 4G and experience the swiftest internet speed available. Your agility will place you at the forefront of the game’s battlefield.

In this post, we’ll unveil the Jazz PUBG internet packages designed for smartphone gaming. If you’re a Mobilink/Jazz user and a PUBG enthusiast, brace yourself for an exciting surprise. Jazz has unveiled its latest internet offer tailor-made for gamers.

Jazz PUBG Packages: Enjoying Competitive Benefits in 4G Mobile Competition

In the fierce competition among various 4G mobile companies, each strives to outdo the other by offering fantastic deals. This competition ultimately works to the advantage of mobile users, as it results in companies continually improving their packages to surpass their rivals.

In light of this rivalry, Jazz has decided to roll out exclusive and exceptional offers catering to mobile gaming enthusiasts. Mobilink, under the Jazz banner, is all set to introduce the Jazz PUBG offer for its users. The Jazz monthly PUBG package, in comparison to other internet packages, promises to be more budget-friendly, providing gamers with an exceptional value proposition.

Jazz Daily PUBG Packages: Affordable Options for Daily Gaming

Explore these cost-effective and well-known daily PUBG packages, all of which operate on a daily validity basis. Take a closer look at each bundle to find the perfect deal for your PUBG Live subscription. Keep in mind that all these bundles are prepaid for your convenience.

Package No.1:

This package offers the shortest validity, but it’s perfect for a quick gaming session. Get 1000 MBs (1 GB) of data for one hour of gameplay at just Rs. 10.

– MBs: 1000

– Validity: 1 Hour

– Subscription Code: *638#

– Status Code: *638*2#

– Price: Rs. 10

Package No.2:

Enjoy 2GB of data from 12 AM to 12 PM for a mere Rs. 18. This package provides 12 hours of uninterrupted gaming with Jazz 4G.

– MBs: 2000

– Validity: 12 AM – 12 PM

– Subscription Code: *757#

– Status Code: *757*2#

– Price: Rs. 18Package No.3:

The “Mega Offer” package is the final daily option, providing 1000 MBs (1 GB) of data that can be used around the clock. Enjoy 24 hours of gameplay for just Rs. 35.

– MBs: 1000

– Validity: 24 Hours

– Subscription Code: *117*4#

– Status Code: *117*4*2#

– Price: Rs. 35

Choose the package that suits your gaming needs and enjoy PUBG on Jazz with these affordable daily options.

Jazz Weekly PUBG Packages: Extended Gaming Enjoyment for a Full Week

Just like the popular daily PUBG packages, Jazz 4G presents three fantastic weekly options, giving you the flexibility to enjoy PUBG for seven days straight.

Package No.1: PUBG Premium MBs

Activate this package by dialing *117*47# and get 4GB of data along with 50 All Network Minutes for just Rs. 212, valid for a full week.

– MBs: 4000

– Validity: 7 Days

– Subscription Code: *117*47#

– Status Code: *117*47*2#

– Price: Rs 212

Package No.2: Weekly Internet Package

For those seeking more data, this weekly internet package offers 10GB for Rs. 287. It’s exclusively available for prepaid numbers, and you can activate it by dialing *159#.

– MBs: 10,000

– Validity: 7 Days

– Subscription Code: *159#

– Status Code: *159*2#

– Price: Rs. 287

Package No.3: Extended Gaming Delight

Subscribe to this offer and get a whopping 25GB (15GB + 10GB bonus during 2 AM-2 PM) for Rs. 338. This is the ultimate PUBG data package that ensures uninterrupted gaming.

– MBs: 15GB

– Additional MBs: 10GB (2 AM-2 PM)

– Validity: 7 Days

– Subscription Code: *453#

– Status Code: *453*2#

– Price: Rs 338

Choose the package that suits your PUBG gaming needs and embark on an extended gaming adventure with Jazz’s weekly offerings.

Jazz Monthly PUBG Internet Packages: Uninterrupted Gaming for 30 Days

In the realm of “Monthly PUBG Bundles,” the last three packages offer different MB allocations but share a common 30-day validity period. These packages are compatible with both 3G and 4G devices. Below, we’ve organized all the details for these 30-day packages in ascending order.

Package No.1: Jazz Monthly PUBG Package

For just Rs. 126, you can activate the “Jazz Monthly PUBG Package” and receive 2GB of data, which is valid for a full 30 days. While this bundle offers a modest amount of data, its unlimited validity and reasonable cost make it a practical choice.

– MBs: 2000

– Validity: 30 Days

– Subscription Code: *709#

– Status Code: *709*2#

– Price: Rs 126

Package No.2: Daily and Nightly Delight

With a total of 12GB, this package divides the data into two segments. You’ll receive 12GB of data in total, with 6GB available daily from 2 AM to 2 PM, all for a 30-day period. Activate it by dialing *117*30# for Rs. 458.

– MBs: 12GB

– Special MBs: 6GB (2 AM-2 PM)

– Validity: 30 Days

– Subscription Code: *117*30#

– Status Code: *117*30*2#

– Price: Rs 458

Package No.3: Ultimate PUBG Experience

The final offering in Jazz PUBG Packages provides an impressive 24GB of data for a continuous 30 days, with a special allocation of 12GB available from 2 AM to 2 PM daily. You can activate this package by dialing *117*32# for only Rs. 525.

– MBs: 24GB

– Special MBs: 12GB (2 AM-2 PM)

– Validity: 30 Days

– Subscription Code: *117*32#

– Status Code: *117*32*2#

– Price: Rs 525

Choose the Jazz Monthly PUBG package that suits your gaming needs and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay for an entire month.

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