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Learn all Jazz internet packages weekly. Jazz, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Pakistan, offers a variety of exciting weekly internet bundles to cater to the needs of its prepaid customers. These packages provide subscribers with the convenience of having access to high-speed internet for a full week, at affordable prices.

From 7GB to 24GB of data, along with free Jazz TV subscriptions, on-net minutes, SMS and social media bundles, Jazz’s weekly packages are designed to suit the varying needs of its customers. In addition to these, Jazz also provides location-based offers to its customers, making it easy for them to stay connected with their loved ones across the country.

Whether you are in Taxila, Sargodha or anywhere in Pakistan, Jazz has got you covered with its all-in-one weekly packages. In this way, Jazz ensures that its customers stay connected and enjoy the best value for their money.

For more information on Jazz internet packages and the aforementioned bundles, scroll down and explore the various weekly internet packages listed on this page.

Here is a table summarizing the information provided about Jazz’s weekly internet packages:

Jazz Internet Packages Weekly ( Full Details )

Package NameBenefitsPrice (including tax)Activation CodeValidityAutomatic Renewal
Weekly Mega7GB of internetRs. 210*159# or Jazz World app7 daysNo
Weekly Mega Plus24GB of internet, free Jazz TV subscriptionRs. 267*453# or Jazz World app7 daysNo
Weekly Extreme25GB of internet (12AM – 9AM), 10GB of internet (9AM – 12AM), 5000 SMS, 60 other network minutesRs. 71.71171# or Jazz World app7 daysNo
Weekly Social5GB of internet for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO onlyRs. 70*660# or Jazz World app7 daysNo
Weekly Super Duper3GB of internet, 1500 Jazz minutes, 60 other network minutes, 1500 SMSRs. 210*770# or Jazz World app7 daysNo
Taxila Haftawar Data Offer5GB of internetRs. 119.5*596#7 daysNo
Sargodha Weekly Offer2000MB of internet, 2000 on-net minutes, 2000 SMSRs. 88.9*627#7 daysNo
jazz internet packages weekly list

Note: All packages listed above are for Jazz prepaid customers.

Above are jazz internet packages weekly you can enjoy. Jazz provides its prepaid customers with a range of exciting and affordable weekly internet packages, in addition to its daily packages, to cater to their varying needs. From the basic weekly mega package to the more comprehensive all-in-one weekly super-duper bundle, customers can choose the package that best suits their usage requirements. Furthermore, Jazz offers location-based bundles, such as the Taxila haftawar data offer and the Sargodha weekly offer, to provide convenience and ease to customers across different areas of the country. Overall, Jazz’s commitment to offering competitive and location-based packages has made it a preferred network provider for many Pakistanis.

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